All in one business management for personal trainers

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Calendar, Finance, Payments, Booking all in one.

For the sole trader fitness professional who thinks there’s more to running a business than doing admin.

Save time

PTBIZ will act as your personal assistant, cutting down your admin time to only a few minutes a day.

Control your business

Get peace of mind when running your business with features like session tracking, online payments, finance management, client management and much more.

Make more money

By saving time on admin we give you the capacity to book more sessions. We also help you to increase client retention through our in app payment system.

Simplify your day

At a glance, see who you’re training, how much you are going to make, who has paid, and more importantly who hasn’t.

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Client Syncing

We make the transition to PT BIZ effortless by allowing you to import all of your clients from your iPhone or iPad directly into PT BIZ.

Manage your clients

Client profiles hold general and medical information as well as their session history. This allows you to keep track of every session you’ve ever had with them.


We give you the ability to see portions of free time you have available throughout the day, allowing you to reschedule that last minute cancellation or quickly squeeze in that half hour break.


Boot camps, session packs and recurring plans

Not only can you take care of individual sessions, we also give you the ability to manage your session packs, group sessions and recurring plans.

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Getting paid has never been easier

  • Track cash payments
  • Accept credit and debit cards
  • Everything syncs to your finances
  • Export it all to a CSV (excel) file


2.95% + $0.55

Coming Soon

3.5% + $0.55

Coming Soon

3.5% + $0.55

Coming Soon

European cards: 2.4% + € 0.35

Non-European cards: 3.6% + € 0.45

Coming Soon

European cards: 2.1% + 30p

Non-European cards: 3.6% + 40p

Coming Soon

Security is our #1 priority



Reach your financial goals and beyond

See how much income you’re going to make for each day, week, month or year. Keep track of your expected income, paid income, pending payments and overdue payments.

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Track cash, debit and credit payments

Keep track of every kind of payment you have, they all sync automatically into your finances so no more excel spreadsheets.

Daily, monthly and yearly financial stats

As a fitness professional you need to be aware of your finances at all times, so we’ve given you real time financial reports to keep your finances in check (pun intended).

Excel export and email

Once all is said and done you can export all this data into an excel spread sheet and email it off to your accountant!

Income and Expenses

Record any additional income (i.e. the protein powder you’re selling on the side) and track your once off or recurring expenses (i.e. gym equipment or rent).

No Subscription Fee Forever


per month

Introductory pricing for a limited time only

To help celebrate the launch of PTBIZ we’ll be waving the monthly fee.

  • Every Feature
  • Receive card payments
  • Unlimited clients
  • Free piece of mind

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