8 Things They Don’t Tell You When You Become a Personal Trainer

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Everyone wants be a PT these days and there are a million and one reason as to why it’s a good idea. But it doesn’t seem to be common to talk about the not-so-good reasons, so here a few that I’ve accumulated over my years so far in the industry, and a few strategies that I have found to combat them.

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Should You Be an Employed Personal Trainer or Go It Alone?

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There are so many things to think about when starting your career as a personal trainer:
Do you specialise in a specific area, or just coach general population clients?
What continuing education certifications should you do?
Is there any need for a mentor or business coach, or can you learn everything online and from books?
And the biggie – should you look for employed work, or start out on your own?
I’ve done both.

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What to do if Your Personal Training Clients Want to Compete

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In our line of work, we can get all manner of clients coming to us. In some ways this is awesome. Your day might start at 6am with 67-year old Mary, who’s recovering from a hip operation, but still crushes it on incline dumbbell presses. You take a break, then train Jeff, a middle-aged dude who’s got one hell of a squat. A few 20 and 30-something guys and girls follow, before finishing your day taking a group of “soccer moms” through their paces with a conditioning circuit.

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