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By January 10, 2019 February 3rd, 2019 Personal Training
Are you a trainer that’s adding your clients to your iPhone, taking cash, accepting card payments from a third party payment system or just getting direct transfers into your bank account? Are you also tracking session packs, payments and who’s paid and who’s overdue with a spreadsheet?
Then do we have an app for you!
We’ll address each of those steps and show one by one how you can do it in PTBIZ

Adding clients to your iPhone? You can keep doing that!

Good news, you don’t have to stop doing that. You can import your iOS contacts into PTBIZ whenever you like.

Don’t fall behind on tracking cash payments

In PTBIZ, you can accept and track cash payments for all of your sessions!

Increase retention with direct debits/memberships

The moment you sign up to PTBIZ you’re set to take card payments, no signing up for a separate credit card service!
Behind the scenes, PTBIZ automatically creates a stripe account for you. Allowing you to set up memberships (direct debits), charge your clients once off, sell session packs and send a payment request.

Charge your clients once off or send them a payment request if they forget their wallet.

PTBIZ allows you to charge your clients once off, turning your phone into an EFTPOS machine with no need for external card dongles. And if your client forgets their wallet? Send them a payment request to pay when they get home.

Never say “I can’t remember how many sessions are left on that pack”

 You can sell session packs to your clients super easily in their client profile. You can charge them by cash or card.
Once you’ve sold your client a session pack, you can use the session credits to pay for individual sessions. Making the tracking of session packs a breeze!

Book single and group sessions/classes

 In PTBIZ, you can book both single and group sessions, allowing you maximum flexibility in how you run your business. Online bookings coming soon!

Making tax time a pleasure

Every session and transaction you put through PTBIZ is tracked in your finances. You can also add any expenses or extra income, giving you a complete business summary and the ability to export it to a csv (excel compatible file) so come tax time, just flick that off to your accountant and you’re all done!
There you have it, a real high-level summary of how to add PTBIZ into your current workflow. And best of all, you only get charged one small fee per transaction! And even then you can pass that onto your clients so you’re paying nothing!
See this article below on how to use PTBIZ for free.

Get PTBIZ fee free 

The team here at PTBIZ have been getting a lot of questions recently around “how do I pass PTBIZ’s credit/debit card fee onto my clients” for once-off payments, session pack sales and direct debits.
As a result, we’ve decided to make a post about how to get PTBIZ fee-free…Read on

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Want to simplify your training business?

PTBIZ takes your finances, bookings, clients and payments and syncs them into one simple package. Leaving you without the need for 5 different apps and practically no need to touch a spreadsheet again.

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