Making payments as simple as possible

No more messing around with paper sign up forms and ridiculous fees

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One Off Payments

Accept one off payments on the spot or send a payment request for your clients to pay later.

Recurring Payments

Get your clients on recurring payments to reduce cancellations and grow retention.

Track Your Cash

Taking cash? We've got you covered. Track all your cash payments through PTBIZ.

On the spot payments

Say your client has forgotten to get cash out. PTBIZ effectively turns your phone into a mobile EFTPOS device. Clients can pay for sessions, group sessions or session packs via credit or debit card on the spot.

Send payment requests

Client forgot their card? No problem, send them a payment request so they can pay you when they get home.

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Client Dashboard

We thought it was important to keep your clients in the loop. When you request a card payment your clients will receive a unique link that will give them access to their own dashboard. Here they can make payments and accept payment plans.

Business doesn't have to be so hard

Get your business on track free today

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Recurring card payments

As a business owner there is nothing better than steady income. The best way to get this as a PT is through recurring revenue. In PTBIZ you can set your clients up on payment plans that charge their card weekly or fortnightly on a recurring basis.

Track session packs

Ever lost track of a session pack? is it the 9th or 10th session of the 12 pack? Now you’ll never lose track with built it session pack tracking.

Get rid of spreadsheets for good

All of these transactions and tracked cash payments automatically sync to your financial summary. Here you can drill right down into your business to see exactly how it's going.

One simple fee

We hate ridiculous fees, so that means no new client fee, dishonour fee, admin fee or any other pointless fee


2.65% + $0.40

Per credit or debit card transaction


3.5% + $0.40

Per credit or debit card transaction


3.5% + $0.40

Per credit or debit card transaction


European cards: 2.4% + € 0.35

Non-European cards: 3.6% + € 0.45

Coming Soon


European cards: 2.1% + 30p

Non-European cards: 3.6% + 40p

Coming Soon

3.5% + $0.45

Coming soon

3.9% + $0.65

Coming soon


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