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By January 5, 2019 Payments, Personal Training
The team here at PTBIZ have been getting a lot of questions recently around “how do I pass PTBIZ’s credit/debit card fee onto my clients” for once off payments, session pack sales and direct debits.
As a result, we’ve decided to make a post about how to get PTBIZ for free and it’s as simple as tacking on a couple of extra dollars to your session, session pack or direct debit amount. Let me explain.
When you charge a client’s card for a session, session pack or direct debit in PTBIZ, there is a small fee that get’s taken from that transaction e.g. 2.65%  + 40c for our Australian users.
Let’s say you book a $60 session and the fee is 2.65% + 40c, the fee for that transaction will be  $1.99; leaving you with $58.01 ($60 – $1.99). Not too bad right? But we can do better!
All you have to do to get PTBIZ for FREE, is to build that fee into your pricing.
Rather than charging $60.00, just make it $62.00. That way, your client get’s charged the fee and you keep the $60.00!
It goes without saying: you and your client should be on the same page with charging that little bit extra.
And Tada🎩🐇! You’re not paying anything for using PTBIZ 🙌🙌; but let’s keep this between us ok🤫.
Get started with PTBIZ today!
Want to get your clients on recurring billing to reduce no-shows, cancellations which in turn will increase your bottom line? Check out our video below on how to get set up in minutes with PTBIZ’s payment plans.

Simple recurring card payments in PTBIZ 👇👇👇

Ben Eblen

Lead designer at PTBIZ. Ben has 6+ years experience in crafting designs and user experiences most notably for PTBIZ. Ben loves figuring out exactly what users want and delivering it to them in the most user friendly and aesthetically pleasing way.If Ben's not working on PTBIZ you'll find him coding ⌨️, drawing/painting ✏️🎨, hanging out with friends and family or binge watching courses/youtube tutorials 🖥

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